Startup & Maintenance

GIL Automations provides scalable, integrated Startup & Maintenance (O&M) resources and services for your facility's lifecycle.

We support industrial and commercial operations including chemical plants, refineries, power stations etc. GIL's benchmarking methodologies identify potential improvement opportunities in existing plants and facilities. These opportunities can be realized through use of subject matter expertise and lean technologies, supplemental maintenance and contractor management, or total program management and execution.

Service Contracts
Every plant is different and requires different customer support coverage. Therefore, service contracts are designed to be flexible to fit any customer need. The contracts include service engineers, armed with the most up-to-date technical information to assure the highest levels of system performance, as well as experienced application specialists who support optimal (system) processing and new product implementation.

Spare Part Logistics
GIL's spare part coverage programs have a strong focus on directly improving availability and cost of operations. This improvement is achieved by supplying spare parts through GIL's worldwide inventory, ensuring that parts are stored close to customer systems to minimize unexpected downtime. GIL offers a wide range of parts availability options, ranging from best effort to even >97% local parts availability.

Relocations & De-installation Support
GIL relocation support safeguards a smooth and cost-efficient process eliminating relocation inefficiencies and reducing cycle time. Additional requirements to refurbish or upgrade your system can be addressed within the same project. Features:
• Turn-key project approach including planning, material, and engineering support
• Performed by qualified and skilled install engineers, using GIL standard sequences and procedures
• Includes rental of required tooling and materials, without refurbishment or stocking cost
• Guaranteed system performance


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