I&E Construction

GIL Automation is a reputable contractor for Electrical and Instrumentation Hookups and erection works.
We provide E&I Installation, Erection, Testing & Commissioning Assistance in the following areas:

      • Transformers and H.T. Switchgear.
      • L.T. Switchgear, power and lighting distribution boards.
      • Motor control centres.
      • Relay logic controls.
      • Programmable logic controls.
      • Power, control and signal cables.
      • Remote control centres push button stations.
      • Small power distribution.
      • Indoor and outdoor lighting.
      • Grounding, earthing and lightning protection.
      • Fire detection, alarm and other annunciation and protection systems.
      • Field mounted switches and sensors.
      • Back-up batteries, rectifiers and uninterrupted power supplies.
      • Generating sets and associated control equipment.
      • PLC, DCS and SCADA system.
      • Instrument panels, cabinets, console and relay racks.
      • Electronics and pneumatic instruments panel and field mounted items.
      • Tubing, air supplies system, impulse and signal systems.
      • Process analyzers, conductivity and pH meters.
      • Control valves, solenoid valves and pressure regulators.
      • Cathodic protection.

Our trained project management teams are there to help you achieve your project targets for applied automation systems. Our services in control houses, installation and commissioning assure timely completion of your projects without worry.


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