Electrical Maintenance & Support

The majority of oil-filled electrical equipment failures can be avoided with a solid preventive maintenance program, which includes regular testing of insulating oils. GIL Automations can provide a timely turnaround and accurate testing of mineral, silicone, FR3 and Envirotemp insulating oils. Our services include:

      • Transformer oil regeneration
      • Dissolved Gas Analysis
      • Complete transformer and breaker dress out
      • Hot Oil Vacuum Filling
      • Oil Processing
      • Bushing Replacement
      • Oil quality sampling and recommendations
      • Used Oil disposal

We can help you avoid costly downtime and equipment failures while extending the reliability of electrical transformers, tap changers, circuit breakers, rectifiers and other oil-filled electrical assets.

Typical Oil diagnostics and analytical report includes:

      • Acid number
      • Interfacial tension
      • Color comparison
      • Moisture
      • Dissolved gas analysis
      • Dielectric
      • Visual and sediment exam
      • Furanic compounds
      • Degree of polymerization
      • Dissolved metal analysis
      • Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB)
      • Power factor
      • Specific gravity
      • Passivator inhibitor
      • Corrosive sulfur
      • Particle count
      • Temperature and viscosity
      • Wear debris

Transformer/Circuit Breaker Services

We offer dedicated Transformer Management Services to our numerous clients. This includes:

      • Oil Sampling and Testing
      • Transformer Oil Regeneration
      • Supply of Regenerated Oil
      • Vacuum Filling of New Transformers
      • Vacuum Drying of Transformers
      • Supply/Install filtration systems
      • Supply/Install Dry-Out systems
      • Supply/Install of filtration and dryout systems for transformer Winding, Tap Changer, Switchgear
      • PCB Dechlorination
      • PCB Transport of oil and equipment
      • Supply specialist Lubrication oil filtration equipment
      • Gasket and Bush replacement

Low Voltage Circuit Breakers

      • Primary Injection
      • Secondary Injection
      • Visual and Mechanical Inspection per Manufacturer's Recommendations
      • Complete Rebuild Including Powder Coating Frames and Silver Coating All Current Carrying Conductors
      • Trip Unit Repairs and Calibration
      • Solid State Retrofits

High Voltage Tests

      • Circuit Breaker Timing
      • Transformer Winding Resistance
      • Transformer Turns Ratio
      • Insulating Fluid Analysis
      • Dissolved Gas Analysis
      • Instrument Transformer Tests
      • Protective Relay Calibration
      • Infrared Analysis



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