Condition Monitoring Systems

The increased availability of wireless technology for industrial asset condition monitoring and New manufacturing technologies, such as Machine to Machine (M2M) interfaces, rely heavily on remote wireless monitoring to erase the safety and reliability concerns of yesteryears. GIL has leveraged on the available cloud technology to provide total solution for downtime improvement. Typical GIL Condition Monitoring Systems covers:

  1. Vibration Analysis and Balancing Systems
  2. Online Flow Measurement
  3. Production Monitoring systems
  4. Automated Fault Identification
  5. Energy management Systems
  6. Electrical Asset Monitoring Systems
  7. Remote Wellhead SCADA Systems
  8. Online Realtime diagnostics
  9. Remote Machinery Services
  10. Downhole monitoring systems.

GIL Condition monitoring systems offers complete visibility on your critical asset. Our CMS equipment allows you to monitor all your plant equipment, predict and perform maintenance against foreseeable plant outages. This improves our bottom line and helps our customers to produce more with less.

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