Solution for: IPPs – Independent Power Producers | Gas Engines | Hydro Power Stations | Industrial Power Plants

GIL Automation offer full system integration capabilities for your generators. Our state-of-the-art engineering tools are efficient to undertake coordination drawings, instrumentation and load management with ease. We are open to use all internationally accepted IEDs in our CRP solutions.

Our Solution include:

      • Electrical Modelling & Analysis – power Flow, Short Circuit Analysis, Arc Flas Analysis etc
      • Generation Management System
      • Protection & Control Panels
      • Turnkey Control room packages including Portakabin Control room etc.
      • RTU Parametization, PLC, SCADA systems, Mimic Panel for Single Line diagram etc
      • Plant Instrumentation including valves, instruments and Analyzer shelters.
      • Fire & Safety Solution including Emergency Shotdown systems, Fire Panels, Fire Water Pumps etc
      • Battery Bank, UPS Systems, Inverters, Rectifiers and other Critical Power Solution.
      • Life safety and Gas detection etc 
      • Technical Training on Instrumentation, Control, Power Systems and Safety Systems

We work with leading relay manufacturers such as GE Multilin, Nari Relays, SEL, Siemens, ABB, Schneider Electric etc These relays are designed for a wide range of ambient conditions with enhanced EMC immunity performance. All kinds of documents such as operation manuals, maintenance manuals, layout drawings, wiring diagrams, device pictures etc. are provided online for fast maintenance and troubleshooting at every substation.

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