QHSE Policy

GIL Automation believes that a high quality HSE Management System, a commitment to Environmental Stewardship and a quality Management System dedicated to providing exceptional products/services and continual improvement will create a business environment that will create steady growth and returns for the Company, a work environment that will provide our employees lifelong challenges and rewards for their career paths and a reputation of an environmentally friendly partner in the communities in which we work

GIL Automations is committed to the protection of its personnel, property, the environment and the public throughout the countries and communities in which it works. This commitment requires us to provide the best possible services to our employees, clients, and the public, to enable us compete and grow in a global marketplace.

Our management, supervisors, and employees are committed to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment that complies with all applicable legislation, industry recognized best practices, and respects the cultures of all individuals and communities in which we have contact with.

Our management team is committed to providing the capital investment and the time to fulfill our promise to provide a safe workplace free of foreseeable hazards, which could pose a risk to property, the environment, our employees or the public.

To achieve this, GIL Automations operates on the following policies documented in the QHSE management system:

      • Quality Policy
      • HSE Policy
      • Security Policy
      • PPE Policy
      • Medical and First Aid Policy
      • Substance Abuse Policy
      • Smoking Policy
      • Working Alone Policy
      • Fire Arms Policy
      • Incident Reporting Policy
      • Cellphone Use Policy
      • Aboriginal or Different Cultural Guidelines


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