GIL Online Calibration Asset Management System (CAMS)



GIL CAMS is a web-based asset management system that helps you manage a complete history of your measurement devices, instruments and test equipments.

GIL CAMS is cloud based Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) across all her global calibration workshops to the benefit of our customers. Our calibration workshops in the USA, Nigeria and Ghana are now fully online.


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GIL CAMS provides our SELECT MSA (Master Service Agreement) customers secure 24/7 access to equipment asset and historical calibration records. It generates calibration schedules, alerts you on failed and past due calibrations, tracks location and status, maintains repair records, and provides an audit trail for traceability.

GIL CAMS provides real-time feedback on current asset disposition, historical calibration results, and submission of unscheduled work requests against assets... all from a common internet browser, mobile phone or handheld device.


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Every process plant, manufacturing plant etc. requires instrumentation devices such as temperature gauges, pressure gauges, flow meter, pressure safety valves to mention but a few. For these instruments to function properly and measure up to their specified tolerances, they require regular calibration in accordance with ISO, UKAS, NIST or other traceability.

To ensure proper functionality, a calibration management deployed using a calibration software is a major requirement. This software is a tool that can be used to support and guide calibration activities with appropriate documentation and online monitoring process whereby customers can download the traceability results of their equipment sent for calibration and view their certificates and even print.


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Advantage of GIL CAMS to Your Quality Management System

  • Asset Information: The Asset Information screen provides the key indicators for equipment along with calibration schedule information for your company
  • Calibration Certificates in the Cloud: Real-time Access to your Equipment Calibration Certificates online on any device!
  • Secured Web Access: Secure access through dedicated login and password for all equipment's calibrated through GIL Automations.
  • Bulk Certificate Download: Bulk Certificate downloads and historical trending of each equipment
  • Search Options: The advanced search fields allow the user to lookup the equipment by Manufacture, Model, Department, Description, User Defined Fields, Last Cal Date, or Due Dates, PO numbers, different Plant names/ID, etc. how many or few asset records to view.
  • Technical-Support: Same Day Email/Phone/web chat Support by GIL Customer Care team.

What unique about GIL CAMS:

  • Cloud based asset management system
  • Recover any GIL calibration certificate online
  • Equipment history & documentation
  • Equipment calibration schedule information
  • Access to GIL ISO 17025 calibration procedures
  • Faster calibration records
  • Easier and more accurate analysis of calibration records
  • Identify historical trends of your equipment

To test-drive GIL CAMS, Please Send Email To: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Today OR Please Talk to Your GIL. Account Manager.


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